Friday, November 11, 2011

Top 5 Tips To Choose Paint Color

Tip 1. Think about color psychology, or the "mood" you would like to achieve. For a restful calming space choose soft, cool colors. To energize a space choose dramatic, warm colors.

By using neutral colors you can create a soothing atmosphere, 
add pops of color and mix smooth and rough textures to create intrigue!

Tip 2. Select a color scheme using inspiration from fabrics, photographs or nature. The 3 main color schemes are Monochromatic, Analogous and Complimentary: A Monochromatic color scheme is achieved when using different values (light or dark) of a single hue (color). You can create a calming atmosphere by using different shades from the same color family.

An Analogous color scheme is created when you use an array of colors found directly next to each other on the color wheel (i.e. green, blue, purple) this color scheme is most commonly found in nature and is said to be intuitive and soothing.

Complimentary color schemes are created when colors found directly opposite each other on the color wheel are combined (i.e. red and green). The effect is active and lively. 

Tip 3. Consider lighting: Think about the daylight that enters the room. Do you have incandescent or fluorescent light fixtures? Incandescent lights give off a warmer glow where as fluorescent lights give a space a cool blue. The type of lighting can be very deceiving and affect the way we perceive paint colors. Use the appropriate light boxes provided at the paint store when looking at paint samples to choose the correct colors. When painting the exterior don't forget to look at paint swatches in the daylight!!!

Tip 4. Do you want the space to feel bigger or smaller? Ceiling to feel shorter or taller? 
Light colors make a space feel larger. Dark colors do the opposite! Consider adjoining spaces and coordinate paint colors so the rooms flow from one into the next. If you are painting the exterior, look at your neighbors homes and try to coordinate your paint color with the existing street scape.

Dark walls give a dramatic and intimate feel. 
These green drapes add a beautiful burst of color!
Tip 5. Test the colors in the room: Choose 2-3 colors from the small paint swatches and paint directly on a large portion of the wall or paint sample boards that you can lean up against the wall. Observe for a several days in the changing light conditions.
Last but not least: Think about the paint sheen, do you want flat or glossy? Glossy bounces light around the room whereas flat paint tends to holds light still. Light paint colors with a glossy sheen make a small space feel expansive. Glossy paint in a dark color adds major drama! Typically I use a hi-gloss finish on furniture, semi-gloss on trim and cabinets and satin or eggshell on the walls. Always remember that it is just paint and it is the simplest and least expensive change you can make to the design of space.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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