Monday, November 7, 2011

Dream Home

 I hope you all had a great weekend. I was busy joining Pinterest  (finally, it is an online pin board) and landscaping our front garden beds. I planted hydrangeas, Winter green shrubs and a few different types of grasses and nearly 100 tulip, iris and narcissus bulbs. I will be photographing the progress through the seasons to see how they all work together.

Today I wanted to share a home designed by Tiek Built Homes. They specialize in restoring traditional style homes that are absolutely amazing. Their passion for design, architecture and quality craftsmanship is evident and I am absolutely obsessed with the design of this home. The interior design was done by Caitlin Creer and suits the Cape Cod style architecture of the home very nicely. Enjoy the photos and be sure to check out Tiek Built Homes Blog or their Pinterest for more information and inspirational photos.

I grew up vising my family in Connecticut and have always loved the Cape Cod Style homes that line the shore. This cottage style greatly influences my personal designs and I am inspired by life near the sea. In this home the lantern lights hint to a nautical theme without being overly "themey" and the yellow door is perfectly charming! This is my Dream Home...

 I love the gray paint color with the bright white trim. The roof line is detailed and compliments the Cape Cod style architecture very well.
Check out all of the windows and natural light. They really succeeded in bringing the outdoors in! That is a great ceiling fan, very simple and understated and the paint color is soft and serene.
The architectural details are classic traditional design. The detailed chevron brick pattern inside the fireplace is so creative and the small glass tiles add a bit of sparkle.

This window seat is genius, I am a huge fan of natural light and who doesn't enjoy an afternoon nap in the sun? These pillows are so cute too...

Tiek Built Homes
 On to the Kitchen...and it just gets better...I am in love with the high ceilings, the light fixtures and the farm house sink. These are all perfect components for a cottage style home.
Tiek Built Homes
I love using free standing furniture in unexpected ways, a vanity made from an antique dresser or cabinet or an armoire used as a shoe closet. In this home the kitchen island has been designed to be free floating, giving an airy and open feel. I think it is a perfect choice!

Tiek Built Homes
Master Bedroom - The Paneling behind the headboard is so dramatic and the gable roof gives the ceiling an organic "curved" shape, I love how the scroll bed mirrors the line of the ceiling.

Seating nook in the master bedroom. The furniture was custom made and gives a dramatic and cozy feel to the master bedroom.
I hope this cape cod style dream home inspires you as much as it does me! Remember to check back to see photos of the landscaping I did over the weekend! Also find me on Pinterest, where I will be posting even more inspiring designs as well as recipes and travel photos...

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