Friday, November 25, 2011

Creating The Perfect Planter

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine! This week I went to Grays Gardens and picked out some plants for the planter on our front porch. In order to design the perfect planter there are three main things to remember, they are:

1. Choose one thrill, this is a plant that will steal the show. Something with bright colors, berries, flowers or height. For my planter I chose Cranberry Cottoneaster Shrub with tiny red berries for the color and texture as well as an Orange Sedge grass which adds height and whimsy!

 2. Choose one spill, plants that will cascade over the sides of the pot adding drama! I picked Wojo's Jem, Vinca Vine. I planted three plants close together to fill out the space and spill over the sides of the planter.

3. Now choose a fill plant, this should be a number of plants to fill the empty space between the other plants.  I chose White Pansy's, I planted five of them to fill out the planter.

Put them all together and you get a beautiful planter for any season!

So the trick to designing the perfect planter is...1 thrill, 1 spill and 1 fill...think of this next time you find an empty planter in your garage. Do you see our red door in the background? I love how it turned out! Check back for the full photo shoot of our entry progress.

Have a happy Friday and a relaxing weekend,

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