Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Planning A Trip...

I am so excited to announce that I am planning a trip to Europe this Spring. I can't stop thinking about all of the places I want to go! I know we will be going to: London, Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Rome, Naples and Venice!

I imagine Paris looks somewhat like this right now...

I would love to hear about all of your favorite places to visit, so post a comment or send a quick email! I can't wait to get some great design inspiration and improve my photography skills while I am there. I love taking photographs of architecture while traveling and using it as easy, affordable and personalized artwork in my interior design projects.



  1. Oh, too fabulous! The Rodin and Picasso museums in Paris, small and a bit off the beaten path. Luxembourg gardens and a must, a train out to see Monet's house and gardens in Giverny with the famous bridges in his paintings. And if you want to go to one of my favorite spots, take a train to the south of France, get on a plane or ferry to Corsica, amazingly beautiful with some great hikes through the rolling hills with views of the sea. Okay, don't get me started!

    You'll have a fabulous time! Janell

    1. Thanks Janell. This all sounds amazing! I remember learning about Corsica years ago in school thanks for reminding me that it is just a ferry ride away. I def want to check out Monet's house too. I saw his show at MOMA in NYC a couple years ago, it was amazing! I am getting even more excited about my trip after reading your suggestions!!!

  2. So exciting! I am soooo envious!
    AND happy that I get to share it all with you- 1st hand!!!