Friday, February 10, 2012

Organize Hall Closets

Whether you have one or many hall closets they often become dumping grounds for all sorts of household items. Here are some helpful tips to get organized:
  •  Identify the use for the closet: Is it for coats, shoes, games, bedding and sheets or towels?
  • Empty your closet and thoroughly clean the interior, dust hard to reach spaces and mop the floor. Remove all existing shelving, patch and repaint the walls. Think about lighting, is there lighting in the closet currently? Do you want to add lighting?
  • Sort items from the closet into piles. 1. Toss 2. Donate 3. Sell and 4. Keep. Once you have decided what you will be keeping begin sorting into piles. Seasonal, games, jackets, towels, bedding etc.
  • Identify what type of storage you need. Do you need hanging space, shelf space, bins, or other types of storage?
  • Measure the space, think about what type of storage system would provide flexibility and best uses.
  • Use a custom closet organizer, these can be purchased at Target, The Container Store or Ikea. Install a hanger bar to hang jackets and install shelves at the bottom of the closet rather than up high. This creates easy accessibility. Seasonal items can be stored up high.
  • Use hangers, tote bins, hooks, storage boxes or shelves to organize items. Label everything so that everyone puts things back in their proper places.
  • Always remember to put seasonal items up high and things that you use the most close at hand. Storage can change through the seasons rotate winter gloves and rain boots with sun hats and flip flops. 
Once you clear your closet, evaluate what color you might paint the inside of the closet.
Consider adding stripes or wall paper on the interior, since it is such a small space this can be very inexpensive.
Or what about adding a bright accent color such as the green below?
Use the back of the door to add hooks to store handbags, hats and scarves.


Use coat hooks rather than hangers to hang jackets in closet.
Lower shelves can roll out for easy access. Also, notice the metal trays
at the bottom of the closet to store wet shoes, so brilliant!
Love the labeled baskets at the top of the closet.
What a great way to store leather boots.
The small space under stairs can often be misused or wasted space,
add a small closet and install long horizontal shelves to maximize the storage space.
(In tall narrow closets think vertical rather than horizontal storage.)
Use a drapery panel rather than a typical closet door to add interest and soften a hallway closet.
Also remember that decorative baskets are more appealing to the eye in hall closets.
Here are two perfectly organized all purpose hall closets with cleaning and office supplies.
Even a small closet can be purposeful when organized properly.
Hang brooms on the back of the closet door to keep them from cluttering the entire closet.
A hall closet is a great place to add a paper towel dispenser.
I hope this gave you some inspiration to start Spring cleaning and organize the clutter in your home. I highly suggest adding lighting to the interior of the closet, it can make a world of difference when you are searching for matching gloves. Ikea has some great inexpensive puck lights for this specific purpose. Here are a few other resources I have found to be the most useful for storage and organizational systems: The Container Store, See Jane Work, Storables, West Elm and Pottery Barn (all baskets are currently 20% off).

Have a great weekend and as always thanks for stopping by!


  1. The first closet image is my favorite with the stripes and containers. So pretty!

    1. That's my favorite too! I love it. I want to do this in my entryway closet. It is kind of a dark unusable space currently and I can't wait to transform it. Thank you for the comment!

    2. Wow! what great ideas! i have 2 small closets that are very user-UNfriendly! There are some great ideas here!!! Thanks!