Friday, February 3, 2012

Design Inspiration

It is very common to paint the woodwork in a home a crisp white color. White moulding recedes in the space creating an open and airy feel. If you have beautiful mouldings in your home why not accentuate them? Try painting details a contrasting color such as an ebony or a dark charcoal gray. This is guaranteed to make mouldings pop off of the walls and give a completely different look to your home. If you have beautiful wood mouldings use a stain rather than paint to show off the gorgeous wood grain, this gives a depth to the wood that is difficult to achieve with paint. The effect that dark moulding can have on your home is outstanding. The high contrast that can be achieved by painting the walls white and the mouldings dark adds glamour, elegance and contrast to any home...

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
  This Glam Four Square home was designed by Jessica Helgerson. The project was honored with the 2010 Pacific Northwest Design Award for Best Residential Project Under $400,000.

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